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Box: The Forgotten Space
Core Series
Monday, October 15, 2012 6:30pm
Miller Theater
Box: The Forgotten Space
With Allan Sekula, 
Victoria de Grazia, Giuseppe Lignano, and Ada Tolla
Allan Sekula, Filmmaker and photographer
In conversation with Victoria de Grazia, Columbia University History, and Giuseppe Lignano and Ada Tolla, Columbia University GSAPP and LOT-EK

Conceptual photographer and writer Allan Sekula presents The Forgotten Space (2010), a film essay co-directed by Noël Burch. The award-winning documentary based on Sekula’s critical work, Fish Story, continues to explore the contemporary maritime world in relation to global trade. In particular, the effects of shipping containters, "those brightly colored, corrugated metal boxes that have changed the way goods are transported around the world — on land."

"The consequences of containerization," reviews the New York Times of the film's depitction of 
on the social and political life of Hong Kong, Long Beach, Benelux, and Bilbao, "reach into every aspect of modern life and, in Mr. Burch and Mr. Sekula’s view, are almost never benign." 

Co-sponsored by the Donald and Vera Blinken European Institute,
Columbia University GSAPP and Columbia Univeristy's School of the Arts