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The Crisis of Large-Scale Housing Production in the 1970s
Tuesday, November 26, 2013 6:55pm
Studio-X NYC
Sponsored by the Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture.
1973, the year of the first oil shock, marks a stark turning point in the conception of housing within architecture discourse. In the United States, a welfare-state approach toward low- and moderate-income housing was abandoned for a market-driven process. This change went hand-in-hand with a withdrawal of architects from the social project of housing, founded in a renewed belief in the autonomy of architecture. The separation between the social sciences and design disciplines continues to this day, as does the idea that quantity and quality, or socio-political demands and good design, are irreconcilable goals in housing.

Please join us for a panel discussion on the lasting impact of the turning point of 1973 in architecture discourse. Points of departure are the five articles of Candide no 7, released this past October: the role of housing in the thinking of O.M. Ungers; the ad-hoc methods in the housing research of Pearl Jephcott; the media's instrumentalization of Emile Aillaud's Grigny La Grande Borne; Ernst Göhner's capitalist mass housing in Switzerland; and the heated debate preceding Aldo Rossi's appointment at ETH Zurich in 1971. More details on the issue’s content are available online.

The discussion will involve Hilary Sample, principal of MOS and professor, Columbia GSAPP; Claire Weisz, principal of WXY architecture + urban design; and Gwendolyn Wright, professor, Columbia GSAPP. It will be introduced by Susanne Schindler, Co-editor of Candide and moderated by Reinhold Martin, Director of the Buell Center. Wine and light refreshments will be served.

Candide is published twice a year in print and online as an open-access journal. For further information on submissions, orders, and to access content, see http://www.candidejournal.net.